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Jamie Thomas King

As a classically-trained actor devoted to the authentic representation of the human condition, it is no surprise that Jamie’s approach to storytelling is heavily influenced by American mythologist Joseph Campbell, whose “Hero With A Thousand Faces” has been a source of inspiration and contemplation both as an actor and as a man. Behind the public persona, Jamie has been a devoted student of yoga and meditation for more than twenty years. He has studied with Tej Kaur Khalsa in Los Angeles (one of the world’s most foremost experts of Kundalini Yoga) and he has also traveled to Thailand to deepen his therapeutic practice of Thai Yoga Massage. It is Jamie’s deep respect for self-care, spiritual guidance and human connection that propelled him into the world of patient safety advocacy after the preventable death of his second son, Benjamin. These compassion practices have given Jamie the tools to endure two public Coroner inquests and the ongoing litigation with the hospital, and it has also enabled him to continuously share his family’s tragic story for the greater good of healthcare.

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