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Ariana Longley, MPH, Chief Operating Officer Patient Safety Movement Foundation

I found out about Jamie, Tamara and Benjamin's story through a voicemail left on our toll-free line and immediately knew that I had to get in touch with Jamie to bring him into the fold, offering him a platform to advocate for patient safety improvement. Jamie is genuinely interested in doing whatever he can to advocate for change and ensure there are no more events, like Benjamins, that plague our healthcare systems globally.


James Titcombe, OBE, author of "Joshua's Story, Uncovering the Morecambe Bay Maternity Scandal", Patient Advocate, International Speaker and Adviser 

Jamie and I are sadly connected through the tragic loss of our sons, who both died following avoidable failures in maternity care. Our stories are similar not just in relation to what happened, but also in terms of how the system responded. Jamie is passionate and driven to ensure we move towards a culture in healthcare that better supports openness, transparency and learning when things go wrong, and that changes are made to ensure other families don’t suffer the kind of life changing tragedy we have been through. I’m hugely proud to be working with him.

Dr. Daniel Arnal, MD. Anaesthesiologist, Hospital Universitario Fundacion Alcorcon, Spain and Chair of the Patient Safety and Quality Committee, European Society of Anaesthesiology

Sharing the Patient Safety and Quality Masterclass with Jamie was the most profound and enlightening experiences I have ever had. Jamie brought his deep thoughts to the group discussions and shared with us the emotions that followed his terrible loss. His participation added a humanistic dimension to the masterclass and his experiences helped the participants realize the need for empathy, transparency and communication in healthcare, especially when anything goes wrong. As the Chair of the ESA Patient Safety and Quality Committee and as friend, I am looking forward to continuing building together a better world.


Dr. Johannes Wacker, MD, Anaesthesiologist

I had the opportunity to work closely together with Jamie during a patient safety course for anesthesiologists. Through various ways of communication and practical exercises Jamie shared his deep insights into the relationships between patients, their relatives, and caregivers - and generally into the fundamental connections between human beings. He made it amazingly palpable how bridges can be built again where trust seems destroyed. Patient harm in medicine is a tragic reality – but Jamie reveals a ray of hope on how the power of human relations can change this reality!

Dr. Christopher Neuhaus, MD, Anaesthesiologist, University of Heidleburg, Germany

Working with Jamie is a unique experience for any healthcare professional. He is not only able to offer invaluable insight on patient safety issues from a patient’s perspective, but also manages to foster an environment where healthcare staff and patients can work hand-in-hand to tackle the challenges together. Only few people can manage to turn an unimaginable loss into restorative power like Jamie.


Peter Dieckmann, PhD, Dipl-Psych, Psychodrama Director
Psychologist and Professor of Healthcare Education and Patient Safety, University of Stavanger, Denmark

There are only a few people in the world who have managed to turn their family's loss into a such a constructive way of challenging the healthcare system and some of its traditions. Everyone in the system does their best, I am sure. And yet many interactions have challenges. Jamie can make people see new insights into themselves and how they interact. Jamie - thank you for the work that you do. Thank you for turning Benjamin’s fate into work that helps others to make a difference for other children, mothers, husbands - loved ones. 

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